A pozitive coin for a pozitive world.
POZ Coins: Earn, stack, save, buy & sell
POZ coins are a new digital money that you can earn by doing pozitive activities in the POZ mobile app. The goal of POZ is to be able to use it for buying and selling 'everyday' things using the POZ app. In other words, we aim for POZ to become your everyday money.
IMPORTANT: The POZ coin is currently being tested on Mumbai Testnet; Any display of value in $USDC or $USD equivalent is an example only, presented for testing purposes. The starting value of POZ in $USD will be reset when launched to Polygon Mainnet in the future.

Redeeming coins and accepting payments

Everyone is welcome to use and accept POZ coins as payment for goods and services using the POZ mobile app. It's possible to send & receive instant POZ payments between users of the POZ app, using our 'peer-to-peer' features such as the QR code scanner and 'Send' function.


Features already live in-app

  • Earn coins
  • Send coins
  • Receive coins
  • Scan & Pay via QR code
  • Top up coins
  • Boost videos with coins

Currently in beta testing

  • Price value ($USDC) displayed in-app
  • Swap POZ coins for other currencies

Roadmap 2023/24

  • Recharge your coins (in-app purchases)
  • Cash-out your coins
  • Payment integrations such as Apple Pay
  • Upgrade your account with coins
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