Lead By Example - High School Ambassadors Program
Are you somebody with a positive outlook, motivated, active in your community, and entrepreneurial? 

Our high-school ambassadors program is now open and we would love to have you apply!
Join our team by becoming a POZ ambassador - spreading pozitivity, making real change in the world, and getting rewarded for it!
Ambassador skills


As an ambassador, you will be leading by creating in-app activities as well as events within your community to promote the POZ app. You will need to inspire and motivate your peers to get involved by inspiring them to your join activities and make a positive impact in your community.


You will need to effectively communicate the mission and goals of the POZ app, as well as in-app activities and events you are organizing, to your peers and other community members. This includes being able to craft clear and persuasive messages both in-person and online.

Social Media

You will need to be proficient in using social media platforms to promote POZ events and in-app activities, as well as engage with other users. This includes creating engaging content, responding to comments and messages, and tracking social media metrics.


You will need to come up with creative and innovative ideas to promote the POZ app and engage your peers. This could include designing eye-catching posters, thinking up new and exciting in-app activities, developing fun events or games, or brainstorming unique ways to spread the word about the app.


Got questions?

If you're on Discord, please go to our #ambassadors channel to ask any questions you may have!
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