POZ is the simplest video sharing app to join daily activities with friends and people all over the world. Record something pozitive in 10 seconds or less, see who joins you, and earn POZ coins for your joins!
POZ mobile-app screens

How it works:

  1. 1.
    Record a pozitive activity
  2. 2.
    Describe your activity "Making, Learning, Swapping...etc"
  3. 3.
    Get friends to join your video
  4. 4.
    React to other’s joins
  5. 5.
    Earn coins when you join and when others join you
On POZ you can record pozitive videos without the usual pressure of creating engaging content. Just add your short real-life video to the chain, and become just one joiner in the whole group overall! Join in before the activity completes to get the glory and the coins!

App Features

  • The unique POZ feed shows video-chains of 100s of people joining activities!
  • The special POZ camera is designed to capture your real-life action in a few seconds
  • Discover 1,000s of pozitive activities to join and get ideas to start your own activity!
  • Hit the ‘PLUS’ button to join any activity instantly from anywhere in the app!
  • Posted too many activities today? Come back tomorrow and go again!
  • Why just follow, when you can join in? See everyone you've joined and who has joined you!
  • Earn, save, and use them all from inside the POZ app!
  • Find an activity that you love but just can't do right now? Boost it to get it trending!
  • These are not just pretty little faces - they steer our pozitivity algorithm!
  • Power up your personal pozitivity score, and receive coin rewards as you go!
  • Our home screen shows who’s joining right now as well as the collective positivity score of everyone!

Pozitivity adds up

POZ exists to make the world a more pozitive place.
We believe all our actions add up. Therefore we reward pozitive activities of all shapes and sizes that contribute to a more pozitive day, a more pozitive life and a more pozitive planet and sustainable world.
Our goal is to achieve 8 billion pozitive activities via the POZ app, every single day!

Here’s what people are saying about POZ

“It makes me think pozitive.” —AndiPutra
”Using the app has given me a real sense of what the other parts of the world look like, unlike the whole social media hype.” —AlphaBoss
“I use the app because it gives rewards to its users. It also opens me up to things going on in other countries.” —LovexOfDia
“In the future you don’t need a machine to pay you to recycle. Get paid with POZ anywhere in the world.” —KingFloki
“We need more pozitive people to make the world better.” —Anhopia
”Bringing pozitivity in one’s life is the best thing ever, earning from doing it is just a bonus.” —dianne_pizarro

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